The House of Good Energy

Steven Ernenwein

A "friend" of mine and I are walking along, having just left "work" and I tell him we should stop at this house that I had heard about. We finally make it there after walking several country roads. We are greeted at the door by two women. They feel so inviting and warm.

Inside there is an amazing cast of beautiful women walking about and the energy is so uplifting that it naturally just makes me lucid. The house feels kind of like a place of learning - many halls (some outdoor) and different "classrooms." I walk by an old woman standing outside one of the doors and as I pass her, she calls to me, "Hey - you're a piano player, right?" I stop and smirk and turn around curious. "Yes, yes I am." She smiles and says I'll want to follow her.

We enter the room and it's quite expansive inside. There is nothing in the room outside of this beautiful grand piano and a chair. She tells me to sit at the piano and play her something. I admire the piano for a moment and attempt to play one of my original pieces that I am very well practiced at, but something goofy happens every time I hit a key. It's like the keys are all interconnected and hitting one triggers more than one and it ends up sounding like a child hitting the keys.

After stopping and starting again several times, I sit back and look at her and say, "I'm sorry, I am actually pretty good, I don't know what to say." She smiles with a smirk of knowingness. "Forget about the notes. Just play the song in your soul - feeeeel the music." That lands so poignantly inside of me. I let go and let the music move through me and it's this incredible bluesy, almost ragtimey in its style of playing, but just immensely beautiful and tragic and hopeful and melancholy. It was such a beautiful portrayal of a human being, of me. She applauds me and I feel changed and humbled.

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