Magic Spells

William Weitzman

I recently read about the Harry Potter challenge on the website. The challenge was to gain lucidity and cast Harry Potter spells to see if they worked.  

After a long night of dreaming - including a lucid dream where I was running from a group of Chinese soldiers, hiding on a roof when I realized it had to be a dream and just jumped off the roof and flew away - I woke up.

I then went back to sleep and appeared on what felt like a replica of Foxhurst road in my town and I instantly knew I was dreaming. I had been saying the word “wingardium levioassah” to myself all day for the past two days so in case I became lucid I would be able to remember it. It was the first of four spells (in the book) that levitates the object that you point at while saying it.

As I was walking on the left side of the road and in between two houses I saw a lot, and in the lot there were some old-school looking wooden chests. I didn’t have a wand, so I put my index and middle fingers together and I pointed at the chest. But instead of saying the correct word “wingardium levioassah” I only said, “Levi Levi oassah” and a blue mist came out of my fingers and the chest lifted off the ground when I raised up my arm!

I felt like a little kid (and still do as I type this!). I did this two more times and each time the blue mist came out and the objects levitated and moved to where I pointed.

Then I moved on to the second spell: “Lumos.” In the book, the spell causes a light to appear.  I put my two fingers together again and pointed up at the greyish sky and I said the magic word “lumos.” As I did, a yellow mist proceeded from my fingers but no real light appeared except the faint appearance of the yellow mist from my fingertips, but it wasn’t the luminous light that I expected. I tried this two more times, then I thought I didn’t want to waste the rest of my lucidity on something that wasn’t working, and I wanted to show a dream character that I could make things levitate!

I went back up the street staying on the same side of the road, but this time I was going the other way. After I passed a few houses I saw a boy of about 12 years old and I said, “Look I want to show you something.” He replied, “I remember you.” I don’t know who he was in waking life he may have been some one I have seen in dreams before. We went off the road a little bit into another lot. I looked around for something to levitate and spotted a stuffed rabbit. The kid backed up near a bush while I pointed at the rabbit with my two fingers together and gave the magic command “Levi Levi ossaaah.” Instantly the blue mist appeared and the rabbit came off the ground going to where I pointed! He laughed and said, “Cool!!!”

I couldn’t hold my excitement anymore - the dream world mixing with my bedroom - I opened my eyes and was giddy like a little kid who just learned some real magic.

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