Lucid Dream -- Or Not ?

Ron Grubman

A few weeks ago I was falling asleep and was in an extended hypnagogic period with the usual visuals coming and going.

Then the visuals changed so that I was looking at some incredible detail on what had been just a routine floor covering. I recognized this as characteristic of my lucid dreams and verified it by "zooming in" to see even more detail, as I can do in lucid dreams. Colors were vivid and the design was beautiful. I said aloud, "Looks like I have dropped into a lucid dream." Now I can wander around and have some experiences.

Sounds good? But then up popped my mind saying, "No, you cannot be dreaming because you are really not yet asleep, just hypnagogic." I argued with myself, "But the image is clearly one that I would only have in a lucid dream, so I must be in a lucid dream and I want to do some wandering around.” I did not convince myself. 

Then I briefly awoke, went back to a hypnagogic state, and the entire process repeated. Finally I gave up and just woke, realizing I now had one more experience showing that one's mind really, really, does not want to easily enter into a lucid dream. Even when the evidence is more or less conclusive!

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