Congestion in Airspace


Inside a hall of an amusement park, I’m trying to sit into a single chair of a roller coaster as others did in front of me, but I can’t close it and need help. The attendant also has difficulties. Suddenly, I’m floating upwards in my seat along the roller coaster and through the roof out of the building.

I’m flying in my chair above a ski area that soon begins to look like the vineyard hill where I live nearby. I realize that I only wear socks, no shoes, and get a bit upset how to walk home through the snow after the ride. I’m now flying down the other side of the hill and see the base of a sky tram station. I wonder about this because I didn’t know that there is one.

The dream scene changes and I’m inside the sky tram driving up to the top station. As I look outside, I note that we just pass the castle in the vineyard of my previous dream scene and I wonder how this can be possible: there is no sky tram and no sky area, I must be dreaming!

We are leaving the aerial tramway and I can see snowy mountain peaks in the valley beneath. It looks beautiful but is impossible and therefore I prolong my trigger finger to a long stick and finally to a thin colorful cord as proof that I’m dreaming. I show it to the people around me and put it around the head of the man in front of me. The cord changes into a hard bandage that I think is fun.

The sky is filled with beautiful sunset light, and I immediately want to fly over the mountains and enjoy the scenery. At the horizon, I spot other people already flying towards the sunset. It’s easy to take off and enjoy the beauty of the dream scene. This is what I had intended for the duration of my holidays; not to worry about any lucid dream goals, just go with the flow.

Suddenly there is more air traffic around me. I have to be careful not to touch other people during my flight. A woman is heading straight towards me. She has enormously long legs, and I feel very small compared to her and wish to prolong my legs too which is a fun experience. We almost touch our feet. I just enjoy flying in this environment a bit longer before waking up.  

Note: This dream occurred on the last night before I flew to my vacation destination and somehow put me into the right mood, I think.

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