Building Blocks of Life

Sharon Pastore

This dream happened the night after my father died.

I'm in my grandmother Ida's house on the phone with Gail (the mother of a friend, who was also fond of my father) sharing thoughts about my father's death. I see about 4 or 5 phones laying face down - I do not actually have any phones to my ear. Instead they are lying face down next to one another on her wooden desk with glass top. Most phones are older cell phones or landline, all with black cases.

While on with Gail, Karim is calling. I don’t want to miss the call and am trying to find the right phone and how to answer it. Somehow, I start talking to him without actually picking up the phone. He wanted to extend his condolences to me. I become lucid. 

He said he could better convey his thoughts and feelings through a dream. We talk for a while about dream stuff. Then all of a sudden, I see thousands of golden block capital letters cascading out of the sky. Karim! Do you see that? Yes, he says. That’s life force energy, he tells me.

I test to see if I can slow it down. I say, “Allow the letters to slow down!” in a commanding voice. After a second, they do! The letters begin to form words. I can read them, but I quickly forget them, and they don’t seem to be forming any sentences. Just random words.

The whole time, there is a feeling that the universe is trying to make me laugh (this happened once before in another dream). I feel like laughing! The lucid dream is very stable. I feel I’ve seen enough, and I want to remember this, so I decide to wake.

In a second brief dream I saw my father laying on his stomach with his head turned to his side as if he were getting a massage. He was smiling at me.

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