Peace is still Whole

Ralf Penderak

I'm meditating ... I toss and turn, until I feel so deeply relaxed I notice how my hearing vanishes time and again.
I find out I'm not to focus on the hearing, but the goal of meeting in the Astral Temple, and that makes the sounds of music mute. I get shivers all over, and sense the presence of my dreaming friends Maria and M2 in a kind of energetic “building.” The corridors are dark. It is somehow symmetrical, like a cross or multi-spoke wheel of tubes with a place in the center and a wheel outside. Different friends are present in the spokes.
Then I find myself lucidly at the right place, in the center, where Maria conjures a circle of four parts. She mentions an asymmetry: While everybody wants us to believe there is war, peace is still unbroken. I understand it still exists whole in every corner of our being. The news always tell us about war, but peace is so strong and real.
I'm cautious not to step onto the circle she conjured on the floor, though I can hardly see it in my darkness, and I nearly bump into her. I say, It doesn't matter, if you see peace in four parts (Medicine Wheel), two parts (Dao, Yin and Yang) or as an unbroken circle, it is always whole.
More is happening, but I don't recall. I wake up (false awakening, dreaming on non - lucidly).

We incubated healing dreams with a group of friends in Maria C’s “Psidreamers”.
This dream wasn’t mutual (though the communication felt so “real”). Nevertheless there were some syncs with dreaming friends, group dreaming happened. I believe Maria was the only other dreamer lucid in this incubation. 

This is one of my rare wake induced lucid dreams. Not so high level lucid, but mindful and active. Not shining bright, but like my typical "faint" astral journey vision, which somehow carried over into the lucid dream.

The dream feels numinous and healing to me, because of its reference to an unbroken Whole part of our being.

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