Each Has Found a Home


WBTB; Took Galantamine and B-12 then stayed up for thirty-five minutes before returning to bed. While in bed did a meditation and called out to the Larger Awareness to aid me in in recognizing that I was dreaming.

Suddenly I am dreaming. There are two very small children there, two boys, one younger than the other. THEY HAVE NO CLOTHES! They are just roaming around unattended. Where are the parents? Are the kids lost? I take charge looking after them. We are walking around the neighborhood; one of them seems to grow smaller and is getting lost between the rocks. I have to dig between the rocks to retrieve him. This one I have to keep my eye on!

The scene changes and they are fully clothed and have grown a little; they look like pre-teenagers. We are walking in a rundown residential area and I am losing sight of them. I go walking around the streets and through back yards tying to find them. We find each other and continue exploring. I call out the Awareness behind the dream, “What is the meaning of this dream?” but I get no answer.

The scene changes again and we are in a rustic village-like area. The houses seem simple and cottage-like, like in a story book and it is getting dark. The scene changes once again and there are more children. They are teenagers now. I realize they are homeless. No one wanted them. I hold one of them in my arms and let him know I love him; I love all of them and am sorry for what they have had to go through.

The houses look more normal now, like in any residential neighborhood. Each of the teens walk up to a house, knock on the door. The owners, women, open the doors and take them in. Each has found a home. I begin to lose lucidity and finally awaken.

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