Magic Tricks and a Tight Rope

Rachel Olson

The dream was starting to get chaotic and post apocalyptic. I thought how crazy this was. I looked down at my hands and didn’t see my finger tattoos. Triggering lucidity, I looked away and then looked back to see my hands still without tattoos. I gazed upon them and the tattoos started to outline on my fingers.

I thought to myself, “Okay girl, you are dreaming. Wow this is such a longer dream than usual - I thought it was real... well if I’m dreaming then I can do this.” I started to pick up paper clips laying around the kitchen with my mind, levitating them in the air and pulling them into my grasp. I conducted this lucid magic trick all around the house with various objects. I didn’t notice the chaotic dream had ceased and dream characters vanished as I levitated multiple objects in the air.

Thinking of the tight rope method mentioned in Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming book, of maintaining your dream awareness like one foot on a tight rope. . . well tightrope thoughts then suck me into another dream. I’m on a tightrope over a huge city like in the movie ‘The Walk’. Since I am still lucid I cross the gap a few times then wake up, feeling awesome. :-)

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