How Many Fingers?

Steven Tunley

I found myself in an apartment building which appeared to have been abandoned. I got the impression that something had happened to the population of the city. I managed to find an apartment and started searching the rooms. As I was searching a set of drawers in a bedroom, a small group of people came back into the apartment. The male of the group started saying something to me, however it was like his talking was muffled. 

Then I walked out of the apartment and as I went down the corridor I noticed two nurses walking around. One had soft red coloured hair and the other had light black hair. As I approached them I started flirting with them. Both of the nurses laughed at me, then both turned and walked into an elevator. I then heard one of the nurses say, “How many fingers would you need for that!”

Feeling confused, I turned and started walking away. I then looked at my hands; my right hand looked normal but when I looked at my left hand it had two additional fingers! I did a double take and checked my hands again. I then had multiple extra fingers as well as fingers behind fingers on my left hand. That’s when I said, “This is a dream!” I then felt a snap into the reality of what I was looking at.

I kept checking my left hand and reconfirmed about 3 or 4 times that I was indeed dreaming. As I was walking through a set of corridor doors looking at my fingers I said to myself, “Be cool man, be cool,” and then rubbed my hands together.

Looking up I noticed the corridor was quite long, so I started sprinting at tremendous speed, all the while I kept checking my hand and confirming I had extra fingers sprouting out from my hand! I could see other nurses whilst I was sprinting past them. I then thought to myself I needed to get out of this building, I checked my hand again and could see my hand with multiple extra fingers. I turned suddenly and just went straight through a wall. The wall felt firm but easy to pass through like it was a hologram. As I came out the other side, I realised that I was actually quite a few stories up, but I felt no sense of danger and fell to the ground softly. When I looked around at my surroundings I was in a large city and it was night time.

I started running again at tremendous speed until I came to the base of a massive building. I looked up and wanted to fly. I jumped but just landed back down on the floor like from a normal jump. I then jumped again but at the same time I flapped my arms like wings. This had an immediate effect and I started lifting into the air. It didn’t feel like I was moving very fast, and I could feel a strong steady upward pull as I went higher. In a matter of seconds I realised that I was above the clouds. I looked down and realised that I was extremely high up in the night sky. I could see all of city lights as they twinkled back at me. I gazed at the beauty of what I was seeing. 

I then decided to just fall back down, and as I started plummeting back down and I flipped over so I was falling back first. I saw my feet - wearing black and white sneakers - and I had shorts on. The feeling of falling back down at such speed was pure exhilaration, I was laughing with such passion and joy as I plummeted all the way down. When I landed it was a very soft landing.

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