Two Dreams with My Lady in Black

Peter Maich

Dream one

OBE – Women in Black in the Darkness of Space

I had been out for tea and had dark chocolate and strong coffee for desert and could not sleep. Was wound up like a clock spring. In an instant I was asleep, had rolled out of bed and was siting on the floor. Nice fast OBE!

I went to a wall, outside and then on a balcony and started to rise into the night sky. I saw two dark shapes glide past in the distance - classic witch cape extended - and decided to go find them. A female then appeared in front of me, dressed totally in black, with a pointed hood. Such a very classic strong female. She had a very dark face and looked extremely wise, and intelligent. 

She was just looking at me, then reached out and put her hands on my shoulders and then put here face close to mine. Her tongue extended into my mouth and then my belly. We started to spin gently anticlockwise and I wondered how strong she was, so I started to induce a clockwise spin. I had to break the hold to do this as she was pretty powerful.

At this point I woke up shaking and feeling like I had met something powerful and missed an opportunity. I will have another go tonight and see if I can meet her again.

Dream 2

Lady in Black, "Now I Know Her"

Felt sensations and relaxed into them; popping in my head like the timbers in an old sailing ship working in a seaway. A sharp solid sound and then silence and calm till the next one.

Lucid and in my dark room I feel the beginning of a body exit forming and easily roll out into the room. I move through the wall and am now standing in the hallway. I feel arms holding me from behind, hands on my shoulders. They are warm and loving so I keep walking to the bedroom thinking I will exit the house and go flying. But, I decide not to and turn around to face the lady.

She is looking at me in a calm expectant way and I gently pick her up. It is my Lady in Black.

I carry her to the lounge room having decided to play this experience out in my house. She is close to me and I can feel her warmth and scent and I take this all in. I se her ebony skin and feel her darkness, the strength and wisdom wrapped in a very feminine and sensual form. She looks young and old at the same time.

I start to notice detail on her skin; there are small points of light twinkling silver and I tell her they look like stars and constellations. One pattern appears in gold and I watch these for a few moments until they fade. I look for detail and see a small dimple and focus on this as I want to notice this on a person in real life if I ever see it and know it is her.

Her skin is now lighter in colour, still a healthy tan and a natural look to it. She turns her head to the wall, and I see a big screen lighting up. I watch about 7 small clusters of moving patterns moving like simmering water and they slowly form up into one group in the middle and go calm with no movement. It now looks like a flat multi-coloured crystal.

She asks me if I know what it is, and I say it is death as it looks like cells clustering and then life leaving as it’s the opposite to cell splitting and growth. She says, “No, it is life and it is cells merging and healing.”

She says that when she last visited me in the darkness, I was sick and her tongue entering me and reaching into my belly was healing.

I now see three men in the room and one approaches her. This annoys me so I will him into the wall and he merges into the dream scape.

She now holds me close and I feel her warmth and love. Her tongue fills my mouth and I accept this and allow her to fill me up with love and her energy. We slowly spin and I see her fade to bones as I expand into a ball of light

I am happy and sad at this and slowly return to the waking world

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