Seeing Something Cool

Virginia A.

Some story dream where Dad was visiting us and was leaving and Mom was there, who he was avoiding. Didn’t look like our house.

I go to find a toilet downstairs. But it’s in an open area and I become lucid. I get up since I know it’s a dream now. It looks like an ‘80s parking garage with dark brown brick and a low ceiling - a very open space. Two teenage girls are chatting about 40-50 feet away from me. I cry, “All thought forms disappear!” But nothing happens. I try again. Nothing. I’ve never tried this before but am a little surprised it didn’t do anything.

I spin a few times to strengthen lucidity. I walk more toward the building entrance where several people walk around (like a mall entrance from a parking garage) and cry, “Dream, show me something I think will be cool to see!” I gave the wording some thought. Suddenly time stops, the lights go dim, and I see a blueish spotlight on one of the dream characters’ faces. I get closer, and it’s a young man in his 20s. As I look, the lights go on again but he’s still frozen in motion. I see it’s Rex (my 7-month-old son) as an adult! I marvel at this. He looks like he has some features of both his grandpas and some light stubble, his cleft chin, and a nice strong nose. I do think this is cool! I get the visuals that he’s in a train station. I think I get too excited and lose lucidity for a moment. 

Now I’m walking through a flea market or other market with a SE Asian-looking man in his 30s, pudgy, short, with glasses, and wearing a light brown leather jacket. I can feel how alert/responsive he is, so I ask a few times if he’s a fellow lucid dreamer. He says no. 

Periodically I keep checking my hands as we walk and talk. I then ask him for some lucid dreaming advice. He says to try the 3-2-1 trick, where you count down to what you want to see, and try taking smaller steps, as I rush everywhere when I’m lucid. I repeat this to myself a few times so I can remember it. It’s decent advice; I look forward to trying it in my next lucid Dream. I also ask a brunette girl who’s manning some checkout station for advice, but she just smiles. 

Now I’m walking down a pretty street in a downtown area. I see a redheaded teen with his girlfriend sitting on a concrete platform with black metal railings, by stairs that lead to some basement-level store. Suddenly he falls backwards and gets really hurt. I can see his mouth is all bloody. As he lays there on the platform he starts spurting blood from his side. His girlfriend and other dream characters are horrified and yelling.

I don’t like this and so I get closer and will him to heal. I put my hands out and really concentrate on willing him to heal. I am surprised I don’t see any visuals to this effect but sure enough he stops bleeding and sits up, all blood gone. I’m very pleased with this result! I wake up.

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