Dancing in the Process of Creation

Paul W. Sauers

“I AM ‘Virgo’ the spirit of the earth.”

I intend to visit the void and I go to my usual black space with portals.

Immediately I’m on a subway train in the right lower corner of the sphere that goes off out of the sphere at a 45-degree angle at about 60 mph. I go about 2 miles and the train stops. I do a summersault to promote/sustain lucidity.

I then get off the train and proceed down a black tunnel. I reach an area where I see a dim light like a turquoise reflection and go down a hole/tunnel 90 degrees straight down. I encounter some ‘blockage’ like tar that I’m able to navigate through.
Then I enter a spiral black tube at great speeds that reminds me of a wormhole. I’m a little confused in that it’s black and not white or light. I proceed and eventually see a ‘blueness’ as if a sky of some sort into which I emerge and realize I’m in ‘another void’.

Here there is lots of spectacular hypnogogia with forms and colors swirling around in a ‘fluid’ manner. I have the knowledge that there are elementals here gnomes, nymphs, salamanders and other elementals ‘at work’. The colors and shapes in the hypnogogia are mesmerizing. I’m intent on focusing on them. They are ‘dancing’ in the process of creation.

There are twisting forms and colors and whitish wispy sprays of forms like cotton candy going by that I know are ‘drifting energy’. There are ‘shots of light’ like I’m in a storm of sorts and I realize I’m at the beginning of the formation of the earth in the presence of Virgo.

The scene goes on and on and I’m intent on watching it magically unfold. I ‘ask’ for music and hear only a soft snowy sound like white noise. I ‘ask’ what period I’m in and am told ‘four billion years ago’ but realize that it’s ‘now,’ in that all time is simultaneous.

I continue to watch and marvel at the kaleidoscope of changes, color, light flashes and whisps of energy go by. Dancing, fluid, mesmerizing shapes and colors in the process of creation.

I ask to go OOB but nothing happens. I then realize that I’m already there.

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