The Ocean TV & The Flying Dream Instructions

Troy Vrolyk

I was in a house and there were a few of us milling about the kitchen. I was sitting at the kitchen table watching this large TV. It wasn’t super tall, but quite wide and deep, and seemed like 3D-so realistic! My mom was to my right. I looked at the TV more closely and saw there was no TV screen; it was an actual ocean inside, with real waves coming in and crashing onto the beach, onto the nice white sand, that spilled out through the TV onto the kitchen table. A poor rendition but:

As I realized this was a real ocean, my awareness seemed to zoom into it as if I was there and I suddenly got very seasick and dizzy and had rushing sensations coming into my head, causing my head to fall down and droop to my left down on or near the table.

I tried telling my mom I just got the weirdest and strongest sensation of vertigo ever, me still with my head drooped down to the left close to the table, but she wasn’t really listening. I was stuck in that position, then thought that I hope she doesn’t try waking me if I actually fall asleep or into a coma like this...because if for example I did enter a coma for weeks or months, I might have the most epic lucid dream ever! Then I paused and thought...wait a second...this might be a dream now! I tried rolling out of my paralyzed body, and sure enough I did and stood up…I was dreaming!

Lucid, the dream took over as I hoped (to show me something important) and then started to fly me, me in an upright (maybe sitting) position. It flew me fast to the front door, and I hoped I wouldn’t be like my friend "Jr" and crash through the window in a bloody mess (I've never had an issue going through things but "Jr" recently told me he has and his doubts had an unfortunate way of seeping into my thoughts at this moment). I braced myself and turned my body slightly to my right to sort of body check my way through, but made it through cleanly. Whew, darn "Jr" and his doubts are going to get me killed!

Then the dream took me backwards, flying back through the house door/wall at quick speed and flew me through some wide halls. As I hurtled backwards with no clue what was behind me, I hoped I wouldn’t crash into anything. Then the scene seemed low lit so I re-stabilized, putting my finger through my palm mid-flight.

It seemed to do the trick as the scene perked up. Then as the dream flew me backwards, me still upright and looking in the opposite direction, I looked to my left and there was a flying little TV screen that had caught up to me and came flying around me, rotating and spinning and going up and down...constantly moving in some direction but all the while remaining in my close orbit (within 6-8’ from me) as we both were hurtling in my backwards direction, and its forward (though it spun a lot).

I unfocused on the passing walls and space (we were only about 5’ off the ground) and focused on the little TV screen (was small, and looked a little like a karaoke screen...I think pink background, with random small words across the bottom and maybe the odd little cartoon pic with it...was very cutesy). I missed part of the first sentence, but it seemed to have a mind of its own and was talking to me via the words on its screen. I just caught the title “Flight commands.” Then I thought, "Oh wow! I've stumbled onto a secret manual for dream flight!"

Then the first message appeared and it said, "Take a night off" (lol my pesky subconscious knows me well! I did have a headache in the waking state but couldn’t help myself but try to get lucid anyway!). Then it was giving me the flying instructions showing commands I can use..."Faster", "Lower", "Higher"...

I thought I'd start putting these to the test, and called out, "Higher!" Sure enough, with a “woosh” I went about 5’ higher in an instant...hmm, not bad control for a dream-guided flight! My dream body turned so I was now upright flying forward, then I saw a wall coming up. I began to have doubts again (curse "Jr"!). My dream showed me mercy though and flung me sideways to my right to this tiny sort of stained-glass window. It wouldn’t be big enough for me to fit through in reality, but any light after a solid object makes it much easier to pass through...especially now that "Jr" has messed with my mind with his talk that he always hits walls or breaks windows and falls to the ground. I guess Inception is real!

Then I woke up and had a chuckle about the first lesson I was taught: “Take a night off.” Very funny, Dream!

P.S. After listening to Robert Waggoner's suggestions in one of his books to try saying "No gravity!" I did so, and let me tell you, doing that with combining the simple flight commands from this dream works AWESOME!!!

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