Magically Changing A Ceramic Sculpture

Shawn Selders

The dream starts with me dribbling a basketball alone in a big gym. It is as if I am dribbling my way into the lucid dream as it forms and becomes much more stable and real. Later, I am highly lucid, running down a long, empty, brightly lit hallway, wondering what I will see around the corner I am quickly approaching. I don't remember what I see around the corner, but after some time, I am flying over a mountain range. I am close to a mountain, looking for people below me as I fly along. Soon I give up on that, figuring I will see people at some point in this lucid dream.

I see a cougar-sized version of my cat Oscar walking on the mountain. I follow him from above. I keep asking him to talk to me, but he won't talk.....yet. He may fly with me a bit, I'm not sure. He leads me to this feathery beehive type of thing. At first I wonder if it's a recent kill of his, but it's not. There is a clear plastic cup of liquid in a bag there. It is half-filled with a somewhat dirty-looking clear liquid that Oscar wants me to drink, but I don't want to, because it seems kind of gross. But then he manages to talk to me finally. He says something about how this strange drink is a healing medicine for my ears. So I say, "Well, if it's going to heal my ears I'll have to drink it."

I focus intently on the liquid as I drink it all. It is not as dirty as I had thought. It tastes fine. I was more than happy to drink it after he spoke to me at last, especially considering what he said. 

Later, I am flying very high over the mountains. I look closely at one of my hands and wonder at my lack of fear at such a great height. This is much higher than I usually fly in lucid dreams. Suddenly, I realize I actually do feel a touch of fear, so I talk about it aloud to myself. I say, "What's the worst that could happen? If I fall I'll be fine in a dream, and anyway, I never fall when I'm flying." The fear disappears and I begin to make daring and abrupt turns in the air that feel really good. I am improvising new moves in flight. I come over the crest of a mountain and see a huge intricate building among the trees below me. I say, "Now I'll see some people."

Then I am in an awesome mansion (probably the building I just saw) with a nice family of four. I get along well with the son and daughter, who are about 12 years old.

Sitting with this family, I tell them how amazing I think their house is. I can see extremely far away, into other big rooms, past lots of nice furniture and antiques and stuff. I say, "It's so vast!" The mother replies that it's mostly an illusion. So I think, isn't it all an illusion? I ask her, "If I threw a tennis ball in that direction how far would it go?" What I mean is, would it hit some invisible wall or something? Then I casually practice (flying) take-offs as I stand by a table, talking with the family, trying to use as little effort as possible as I lift off the floor a few times.

I then fly around inside the elaborately decorated house, looking at stuff. I pick up an abstract ceramic sculpture about 2 1/2 feet tall and accidentally drop it on the hardwood floor where it breaks into several pieces. I feel bad, but when I pick it up I see that from breaking it has turned into a very different (less intricate) sculpture. This really fascinates me, so I intentionally drop it again. It breaks and becomes a different sculpture again. I repeat this action a few more times and it keeps magically changing into very different, progressively less complex abstract shapes. In the end, only a few scattered broken pieces remain on the floor. The final sculpture is complete, polished and undamaged-looking. When I tell the parents about all of this, they are not too happy with me. However, the experience was way too amazing for me to care much about what they think.

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