Transforming into a Man for 3 minutes and Other Illusions


In the dream, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to remember everything. After waking up, I couldn’t recall how and why I became lucid, but I’m rather sure that it was a DILD.
My lucidity level varied very much, like waves, from fully lucid (only short times) to lucid and semi-lucid and back. But that’s the reason for its length and fun. I concluded that my larger awareness wanted me to have fun with the dream-illusions and didn’t want me to let wake up, just because I felt ‘obligated.’ 😉

 . . . I recall that I want to try to multiply parts of my body and am looking at my hands. As a matter of fact, I get more and more hands until I count seven! Then I let my arms multiply too. Cool! I have several bluish, entwined pairs!

 . . . I recall to try to conjure something up: Soft, silky fabric squares appear in front of me in colorful patterns. I want them to change size and make them small enough that they fit onto my fingertips. First I have difficulties in placing them on each finger, but suddenly it works, and with an open side, I can slide them magically like thimbles over my fingertips. I can feel the delicate silk and am excited at how real it feels!

. . . I’m in a room with a large, old-fashioned mirror and realize, this is perfect, I can try to multiply my whole person. As I look into it, I can only see myself, but I’m not looking like I do in waking life. Nevertheless, I wish for a doubling of my mirror image. On the left side arises a woman in a red dress (I’m wearing a blue dress). As I want to take a closer look into her face, to see, if it resembles mine, her face topples down to her breast, and I can’t see it.

That’s when I recall my goal to transform into a man for 1 minute. I consider that 1 minute is rather short and 3 minutes would be better and shout: ‘Let me become a man for 3 minutes!’ in German, as I had intended (usually I use English to give it more ‘Power’). Immediately I sense something beginning to grow between my legs…and then I also feel how the muscles in my shanks, thighs, and arms begin to grow and harden. Wow! I didn’t imagine that it could feel so real!!! Cool. I decide to look in the mirror. I see an elegant young man with a stylish ringlet and a grin on his face, wearing high heels! What!!! I never even wear such shoes as a woman! As I look closer now, they transform into tap-dancing cowboy boots, and he begins to tap-dance, as well as I, myself. I have to laugh – it’s fun!

. . . I notice that the lucid dream is already quite long and that it would be better to wake up. Otherwise, I might not be able to remember everything. But the dream figures around me don’t let me wake up….(not sure what exactly happened) . . .

People, workman are jostling me, walking past me and explaining that they have to install a hiking signpost. They don’t know yet how to proceed and argue about how to install it. I tell them, as this is my dream, I can use magic and do it for them and wish that the signpost stands completely installed in front of me. Instantly a white, German-looking signpost appears and behind it a topographic model of all pathways, each in another color. So cool, I think, but is this really what they wanted?

And again, I think, that it would be better to wake up know. I say goodbye to the workmen and want to leave the dream, but it doesn’t work. I don’t mind to stay in this funny dream and reflect what to do next.

Flying! I didn’t fly in this lucid dream yet! Maybe I’ll succeed to fly out of the dream state into WPR? I take off and enjoy flying without seeing anything until I’m in front of a huge post. I know that this is my dream and I can fly over it. On top sits our neighbor’s cat. I ask him if he wants to join me. But he doesn’t want to fly with me. Anyway, I wish it and want to force him to fly, using magic, but it doesn’t work. 

I lose the dream and am awake.

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