Breaking Perfection

Shawn Selders

Most of my lucid dreams take place in the last hour or two of sleep, but occasionally I have one much earlier in the night. When this happens I write EIS (for Early In Sleep) in my dream journal entry. These EIS lucid dreams tend to be more unusual (and harder to explain) than the ones I have later in my sleep cycle. Here is a recent example of one such dream:

I'm looking at a unique and perfect enclosure that has a smooth flat bottom and four glass sides. The bottom is about seven feet by seven feet. I start to swing a pickaxe at the solid shiny black bottom surface. Each time I make contact it breaks apart into perfect black or dark blue brick shapes that bob and move, almost like they are floating in water. The shapes quickly morph back together into the shiny smooth blue or black bottom, as if the surface had never been struck. For some reason this frustrates me. I think to myself, "Why can I make no progress with this?"

I do it over and over, always with the same result. Finally, I go lucid and jump down into the thing. Now, when the bottom breaks apart (from the force of my own weight) I quickly grab pieces and toss them out, so it cannot morph back together again with pieces missing. At this point I notice people watching me passively, but with interest, from just outside the four window walls.

I think it was the frustration I felt that triggered my lucidity.

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