I Am the Creator

Tashim Lo

I was walking in a park. There was a big lake with a walkway going around it. The sun was setting on the horizon. I thought it would be nice to take a walk around the lake. As I was walking halfway around the lake, two park recreation securities drove by me and told me the park is closed. I responded, "The park is closed?" “Yes,” one of the security responded. I was told I have to leave the park or I would be jailed. I asked the two securities, "Under whose authority and who came up with the rules?" I was told the governor and city council’s. 

I told the two securities I created this place so everyone can enjoy it, not to be regulated. The two securities look at me confused. I was informed again that if I didn't leave they would have to make an arrest. I told them, “Fine, drop me off the gate.”

I got into their truck. While we were making our way to the entrance gate, I told them I created this world, I'm the creator. They gave me the look – “sure you are.” I told them they will be fired by tomorrow morning for not believing what I'm saying. They dropped me off the entrance gate, locked the gate and left. I stood there looking at the lake thinking to myself, "I will show them." I raised my hands and made the lake drain completely. The only thing left was mud and rocks.

By morning people came to the park, disbelieving what they had seen. Then all the water was gone. I stood nearby the gate, giggling, and watched the two securities’ jaws drop as they opened the gate to the public. By mid day other officials came to investigate. The two securities told the officials they didn’t know what happened. When they closed the gate the lake was still there.

One of the securities mentioned they encountered me before they closed the park. They told the officials what I had said, they said they didn't believe me. As I was watching the whole scene unfold I couldn't help but laugh out loud till my laugh woke me up.

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