Medieval Town


This dream is my first lucid dream in which I was able to control the dream scene. Starting off semi-lucid I was able to achieve two dream goals for the first time later on:

My wife has parked our car in front of the house we used to life in. I'm waiting in the passenger’s seat. The car makes a noise and slowly rolls back. I hurriedly try to kick the brake from my seat with my left foot but that does not work. I climb into the driver's seat and drive the car back forward.

Then, when I’m standing next to the car on the sidewalk, a lady is suddenly standing there, bare chested and smiling at me. She has sturdy round breasts. At that very moment I realize that I must be dreaming, and touch her breasts and we begin hugging and kissing each other.

We go into the next house in the street. Remembering one of my dream goals I say out loud my name and address and I am fully aware that I am actually sleeping in my bed. The lady and I have sexual intercourse and I almost come to an orgasm but then she is suddenly gone.

I go outside to start flying and simply just jump in the air. As I am flying, I mess around with some headphones to be able to listen to some music. I fly down the street, then along the second street towards the old town center when a cyclist approaches me. I'm flying in a threatening way towards him, but he doesn't care, as if I'm not visible to him.

I now fly directly up to the church at the town center to fulfill my second dream goal which is flying around the church tower. Our town looks like a medieval town. Next to the church is another tower or big building.

Flying somehow starts getting difficult now. In between, I need to land on the rooftops like I’m doing a sort of jumping from rooftop to rooftop. When I'm halfway around the tower I jump down from a high rooftop in all confidence that I am still in a dream. Just before I hit the market square, I manage to stay floating in the air just above the surface.

Then I go across the market square and stand on a sort of bridge or scaffolding upon a nicely green meadow nearby the church. I first jump in the air to test if I’m still dreaming before I jump down from there. When jumping from there I fall down and again I’m able to catch myself just before I hit the ground and float just above the surface.

Then, standing there in the meadow, I remember my third dream goal. I want to go to Main Street to eat a spaghetti ice-cream. Main Street seems too far away to me and I decide to try the spinning-technique to get there. First, I turn clockwise and repeat the dream goal to myself. When I turn counter-clockwise, I wake up.

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