This was a lucid dream that profoundly affected me and changed the way I view waking life. It made me realise how important it is to learn detachment and letting go.

In this dream I was shown a highly personalized version of afterlife testing. I have heard of books like 'The Egyptian Book of the Dead' and the 'The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying' explain what happens to someone who is recently deceased and the afterlife tests that they go through and the results thereof.

This was one of those rare, long, epic type dreams that was extremely vivid from start to end and I was fortunate to retain most of the memory upon waking up.

The dream started by a visitation of the angel of death whom I know as Azrael. I was very familiar with the character as he visited me before in a few dreams, so I became lucidly aware. This time he was wearing a black three-piece suit with a black top hat. He was quite pleasant looking as always.

He took me to the underworld. It looked like a big underground labyrinth. He explained that he would be guiding me through the afterlife testing, that each corridor would be taking me to a big space in which a real life scenario would play out. If I was able to pass through the scenario then I could exit this area to another corridor that leads me to the next scenario and so forth.

Each scenario would test the level of desire I have for the physical world.

In the first scene I saw some of my closest friends getting together for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. It was a happy scenario with a sense of friendship and belonging. They were calling me to join them as I entered. I had the inclination to go there and check out what was going on. Azrael held my hand fast and shook his head. He said "You must not engage with anyone here. You must ignore what is going on in the scenario and move ahead to the exit quickly. Talk to no one and do not stop to examine anything."

We kept walking to the restaurant's exit, ignoring the pleas of my friends to join them and the warm welcome from the restaurant staff.

As we left we went through a small corridor/tunnel and entered the next scenario. This time it was my brother and his wife walking towards me and they were very angry at me. They were trying to pick a fight. They were telling me how upset they were that I did not visit as often as they would like and that I do not seem to love them. I got upset and wanted to argue back but Azrael held my hand fast and said, "No! do not engage them. That will suck you into the scenario and cause you to get stuck in the reincarnation cycle. Move on and ignore them."

We hurried to the end of the street and we entered yet another scene. I was waking up in my folk's home and mom was calling me for lunch. She had prepared my favourite meal and it seemed like my dad was about to tell me some good family news. With a heavy heart, I left the house ignoring my folks.

Then I entered a big department mega store in a shopping mall. An announcement was made that all items on display were being offered to everyone for free! The store keepers constantly asked me how they could help me and if I would like to try anything on? They explained they have all the big brands here and all their items were being sold for free. I could check anything out for as long as I liked. They were being warm and extremely friendly. I stopped for a moment to thank a lady for her offer and apologized that I had to leave quickly. Azrael pulled me forward and said, "Do not bother with any small talk. Any conversation would risk you being pulled into the scene and thus generating desire."

As we walked, we passed a huge mirror. I stopped for a second and wanted to see what my reflection would look like in this lucid dream environment. To my surprise it was exactly the same as waking life with no distortions. Azrael immediately said, "Do not look into a mirror for more than 10-15 seconds lest you want vanity to arise." He advised avoiding mirrors completely.

Next I was on a beach with hundreds of nude men and women having an orgy. Some came to pull me in to join them. I have to say they were all really good looking and the entire scene was steamy hot! (blush!). The angel pulled me from this one too and we moved on.

We entered a fancy office where I was just being made the head of a large corporation. I was being offered a contract with a massive salary, benefits, status, and power that I never dreamed of before. Walked away from that too.

Azrael and I continued walking and I kept realising these were not easy scenarios to let go off. Every scenario pulls you in and plays on certain emotions and feelings. You really have to be strong to let go and pull through.

In the next scenario, I had a huge number of followers believing in me, as their spiritual leader. They were gathered around and everyone was seeking healing or guidance of some sort. My ego really liked this one in particular. I decided to ignore them all and go ahead with the angel.

There were many more scenarios that I encountered but couldn't remember them all. The last one was a scenario where I attained great realisation and enlightenment. I felt this eternal bliss inside me and all around me and I felt highly present, and centered. Even this Azrael wanted me to let go off. He said, "The desire to be enlightened or realised is still a desire that would keep you attached to the physical world."

With that I stepped out of 'enlightenment'. It was a very hard thing to do. 

Azrael continued to explain: "With every scenario, you had to learn to let go of the desire in that scenario and keep moving through to the exit unto the next one. If you succumb to your desire to eat, argue with people, spend time with loved ones, have sex etc…it means you still have desires in your soul that need to be fulfilled through incarnation and you would have to keep coming back to fulfil them." 

I have to say some scenarios were easy to go through like the one in the store with the clothes and brands. Others, like with family and spirituality, felt more difficult to let go of. The angel was there every step of the way maintaining my lucidity and reminding me that I must not engage and move on.

Finally, we arrived at a huge arena-like place where I had to face a big ogre-like monster. The angel explained that this is the 'Dweller on the Threshold' and I have to defeat it in magical battle. He said I have to figure this one out by myself.

Thankfully, all the lucid dream practice I've had over the years has paid off! As many lucid dreamers know, while lucid we can manifest instantly things like weapons, special abilities (like super speed, super strength, teleportation etc...) and get help from the awareness behind the dream. I knew I did not come this far to fail. After a long battle which I will not detail here, I managed to defeat the monster.

The 'Dweller on the Threshold' then transformed into another angel and explained that this aspect that appears negative is here to test us in life by challenging us every step of the way. He said it could have crushed me if it wanted to, but it did not because I kept my heart focused the whole time on union with the divine; that this is the only thing that can help me pass all the scenarios; maintaining this focus without being attached to the outcome.

"This entire test is designed to answer one question: do you want union, or do you still have worldly desires to fulfill?"

Death explained that there is no pass or fail really. This is not really a test but more of an evaluation. If I had enough of life and worldly desire then I could move on into union. If I still wanted more of life, then I would get to reincarnate to experience more of life. It depends on what my soul wants.

He then opened the last door that lead to a region of pure dazzling white light. He said that I have passed and I can go through the door, but when the time of my death comes, he will not be here to help me through the trials and temptations. I have to do it all on my own. This was just a dry test run.

As I passed through the door of light, I woke up.

My respect for dream practices immediately deepened. I now know why Dream Yoga exists and how important it is.

Since that dream till now, everything in 'real' life seems to be like a dream. Even though I am very busy at work now, I just feel I am living one big lucid dream. As a result of the above dream the quality of my life has increased. My ability to detach from things, situations and people has improved a lot. Even though I can get sucked into a negative or positive waking life 'scenario', from time to time losing my 'lucidity', I eventually can enjoy it, learn from it then detach and let go of it. I am not there 100% yet, but will keep practicing till the moment Azrael comes for me.

Hope I get enough time to practice.

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June 2019

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