Before I first started trying to lucid dream, I heard it was important to have goals. It was said you could do anything…anything at all. I let my imagination soar to come up with something… what to do, what to do… let’s fly to Saturn!  And so was born my first lucid dream goal. I quickly learned that flying to Saturn was no easy task for a beginner. After getting lucid, there were some immediate struggles—like how to stay in the dream state long enough to even accomplish anything! It was all I could do to just walk to another room without the dream collapsing, never mind fly to space. This was going to take some time.

After a month of lucid dreaming practice, I finally started to make some progress. Figuring out how to run at supersonic speed, I bolted across the land and then was ready… Saturn, here I come! Running a zillion miles an hour, I jumped as high as I could. Up, up… and not so away. I looked and I was only about a foot off the ground. Though I was happy with my new height record, I decided to put my goal of flying to Saturn on the back burner. Apparently, I had to learn to navigate better first, and decided to start with the basics, working my way up step by step.

I had to learn to fly. Finally, after my second month of practice, I made it about 20 feet up in the air… but then I seemed to hold there, as if I was a kite on an invisible string. Later that month I did the same thing again, flying up and feeling the invisible string holding me from going any higher, though I was able to sort of swing around in the air like a balloon.

Then after my third month of practice, in fact to the day, I managed to really fly! It was the most fun, free, and liberating experience. Once I passed that hurdle, things got easier… as if I had finally broken down some of my self-doubts and barriers. I started having so many wonderful experiences, getting caught up in so many other things, and forgetting my original goal to get to Saturn.

 A year went by. During that time, I had all sorts of space adventures. I flew through space. I made new gigantic “star animal” constellations. I created skies of rainbow stars. I commanded a full rainbow meteor shower. I had all sorts of encounters with aliens, and spaceships. I even did what I was told to never do: I went into a black hole. After narrowly escaping blowing my brains out and my body imploding, I decided to maybe not try that again for a little while!

After a year and fourteen days since I had first started lucid dreaming, I thought about what lucid goal to do that night. I was in a bit of a “blah” phase. When you’re able to do anything, it can sometimes feel that anything is meaningless. In one lucid dream I had stripped a scene right down to the void, and built it back up. What else was there to do?

Then I thought of my old goal, my very first goal, and smiled. I hadn’t flown to Saturn yet! I instantly wrote it in my dream journal as my goal for that night, and fell asleep. Sure enough, I managed to get lucid. Okay, let’s do this… once and for all. Let’s fly to Saturn! I thought about it for a moment… how should I do it? Should I fly? That could take a while, even with supersonic flight. Should I create a portal and teleport there instead? I could. Should I spawn a giant fishing rod, and reel down the whole planet to me?  Hmm, that would be cool… I might be on to something!

Then I thought of another ‘outside-the-box’ idea and smiled, knowing it was perfect. With a little dash of intention, I reached down into my right pants pocket, cupping my hand around its hopeful new contents. I pulled it out and slowly opened my hand… and sure enough, it worked. There it was, at last: Saturn!

I marveled at the tiny ringed planet in my palm. It was the size of a toy, but it looked so realistic! I could see features on the planet, its rings, even some space or atmosphere surrounding it. How do our dreams achieve such wonders, witnessing sights that could never be seen in the waking state?

You’re not supposed to stare in a lucid dream, but I didn’t care... it was worth it. I used the rest of my time there to just gaze at the amazing planet, in awe of its magic and beauty. And so I completed my first goal… my quest to Saturn.

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March 2022

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