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[Wendy] "Oh, how lovely to fly."

[Peter] "I'll teach you how to jump on the wind's back, and then away we go."  ( . . . )

"I say, how do you do it?" asked John, rubbing his knee. He was quite a practical boy. 

"You just think lovely wonderful thoughts," Peter explained, "and they lift you up in the air."

From Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie (1911)

For some people lucid dreams and flying dreams seem so closely related that they confuse the two.  And for good reason, as I suspect that if LDE took a poll of favorite activities of lucid dreamers, that flying would top the list. That delicious feeling of freedom, the sheer naughtiness of breaking the law of gravity, the opening of almost infinite avenues of exploration, creates an experience that many lucid dreamers choose to repeat again, and again. "Second to the right, and straight on till morning."

Flying Techniques

But how do we manage to lift off the ground and fly in our lucid dreams? By simply "thinking lovely wonderful thoughts"?  By jumping Superman style into the air?  A few possibilities:

1. Floating above the ground, like a balloon.

2. Levitating by power of will;

3. "Swimming" in the air;

4. Flapping your arms like a bird;

5. After a jump takeoff, flying Superman style, body horizontal, arms extended.

6. Flying with wings, after transforming into a being or animal with wings, such as an angel, dragon, or eagle.

7. Flying/levitating as a ball of light or as a ball of energy.

I've experienced most of these, but this even this list only describes some of the more well-known variations of "independent" (no flying carpets or airplanes!) dream flying.  Other more esoteric possibilities exist.   For example, at one point some years ago when I'd fly "Superman style", I often zoom into warp speed into a gray zone, losing the dreamscape.  I found this rather annoying, as I very much enjoyed exploring dreamscapes by flying over them slowly. In response to this situation a "Sufi" in a dream instructed me in the following technique to me for slow, controlled flying:  "Fly with your body semi-horizontal, but with your head and shoulders extended back, your arms stretched behind you in a sort of wing like position. When you fly, your chest goes first like the bow of a ship."  

It looks like this:

The dreamer leads with the chest, with the arms wide stretched behind, pointing more or less in the same direction as the legs, but if seen from above, making a > shape, with the chest as the point of the >.   I've tried this flying position out on several occasions, and it's worked like a charm.  Using this technique I fly at about 15 mph, a perfect speed for sightseeing. This position has also worked well for participants in my dream classes who needed to learn control, who’ve tried it out while lucid.  Perhaps you also have some unusual flying techniques you’d like to share.

Flying Conditions

In some dreams we fly as if born to it, in other dreams, even lucid dreams, we may have trouble getting off the ground.  Often this relates to the degree of lucidity attained (see "The Lucidity Continuum" at https://www.academia.edu/7064628/The_Lucidity_Continuum for more information) but on occasion even fully lucid dreamers may find themselves heavy and earthbound.  In such cases, what other factors may come into play? 

Perhaps you fly in dreams more easily under sunny skies, or in the dark of the moon?  Do dream reality weather conditions make a difference? How about the weather conditions in physical reality, the phase of the moon, sunspot activity, or even astrological configurations?

Also, does the power of flight come entirely from within, or do we on occasion have help from outside forces or even entities? On some occasions while flying I've felt something like invisible hands pulling me along - and to my surprise a few times I've actually seen a pair of disembodied hands holding onto mine!  Although unusual, other lucid dreamers have reported similar phenomena.  How about you?

Dream magic certainly plays a part in flying, ranging from psychological factors like the power of belief, to the ability of dreamers to clearly focus their intent. Sometimes we fly easily without even thinking about it, and while on some occasions doubt may incapacitate us, on others it may have no effect at all. (For more information on dream magic, see the September, 2005 LDE, "Harry Potter and the Lucid Dream Exchange Challenge", at https://www.academia.edu/23949920/Harry_Potter_and_the_Lucid_Dream_Exchange_Challenge_Trying_out_Spells_from_the_Hogwarts_Universe )


The Challenge: Exploring Dream Flight
When you next gain lucidity in a lucid dream (where you know that you dream while you dream) go flying. Try out a new flying technique if you like, or fall back on a favorite, but in either case pay attention to: 1. How you get off the ground; 2. What you do to stay up in the air; 3. Your dreambody flying position(s); and most importantly, 4. How does it feel to fly? Once in the air, how well you can steer? Can you control your speed? If so how? How slow can you fly? How fast? How high? How low? What happens when you change your flying position? If you have time, land and try another technique. Record your experiences while flying in your dream journal in as much detail as possible, including your degree of lucidity. If you've flown this way before, how did your experience this time compare?  Include drawings and diagrams if appropriate, and if you feel comfortable sharing your lucid flying dreams send them to LDE. And if you use a unique method for flying in lucid dreams not touched on here, please let us know, and make sure to include "how to" details!

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September 2021

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