I recently found out that my 8-year-old daughter has lucid dreams every night (according to herself). It was hard to believe that anyone could have lucid dreams regularly without training.

To validate my daughter's claim, and also to make it fun, I devised an experiment and my daughter agreed to participate in it.

On the night of July 12, 2021, I drew a random number on a piece of A-4 paper and placed it on the only desk in our reading room in the house, away from my daughter's bedroom. Before my daughter went to sleep, she was instructed to enter this reading room in her lucid dream and identify the number. Further, she would need to tell me what the number was upon waking up the following morning.

I gave her a goodnight hug and off she went to sleep, as usual.

I’ll jump to the conclusion first: she succeeded. She was able to tell me the correct number. However, the most surprising part wasn't her success in identifying the number. It was the way she found out the number.

I was expecting that she would travel to our reading room in her lucid dream to see the number. It wasn't that at all. The story has a unique twist and I could have never guessed it. In her dream, she was able to meet up with me. In her dream, she asked ME what number I had drawn up on that piece of paper. And it was ME who revealed the number to her. This was beyond any possible scenario I could have thought of.

Upon digesting her account, I wonder if my spirit body indeed traveled to meet up with hers during our sleep, but I don't remember anything at all. I'd appreciate anything or anyone who has any insights or experienced anything similar.

In any case, I hope you have enjoyed reading my story.

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September 2021

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