When addressing the intelligence behind the dream, I have come to encounter one of two scenarios. The first scenario is that a voice, sometimes male and sometimes female, speaks out of the air with no bodily form in sight. This is what I expect to happen when I ask the awareness behind the dream a question. I find that when this happens, he or she enjoys answering with a memorable statement that is short enough for me to remember upon waking but constructed as a sort of riddle or aphorism that keeps me pondering the depths of its meaning and the various interpretations of it over a longer course of time. It gives me food for thought which leads my mind in new directions concerning the truth for which I’m seeking an answer.

Now sometimes, if I cannot get a response from the air, I will ask a dream figure for the answer. I suspect that they, or at least most of them, are connected with this greater intelligence. They may or may not know the answer. I’ve had one man refer me to his friend and “boss,” because although he himself didn’t know the answer, his boss did. So, I located this other person he mentioned and was able to get my answer.

Secondly, there are times when I get no verbal response and there is no one in sight. In this case, often if I continue to explore around, I end up finding various places and artifacts, as well as witnessing certain events, which upon waking I find to be potentially symbolic of the answer. Oftentimes, I have also found that I see imagery in my waking life the next day or two that matches the imagery I saw previously in the dream, and the context of how I see or hear about it in my waking life gives new depth and meaning to the symbols in the dream. Multiple times I have asked a question and then encountered imagery which I then experience again in waking life soon afterward, and this acts like the missing puzzle piece to the interpretation of the message intended.

To my conscious mind, which I identify as “myself,” I find without fail that the answers which I receive from addressing the greater Mind behind the dream are entirely unpredictable and unconnected with my expectations. 

Sometimes, when I listen to a dream figure talking at length, I marvel at how their words flow so seamlessly and perfectly without me having any idea what they will say next. I specifically recognize and study this fact in my dreams, that the “me” hearing these words is not the same as the one speaking the words. Perhaps we are two parts of the same person, or perhaps we are two distinct beings made of the same “substance.” I suspect this is simply semantics and that I am saying the same thing in two different ways. 

But there is definitely a Mind that is above the dream and distinct from my conscious mind, one which teaches and guides, and one which I can choose to heed or choose to ignore. It is benevolent in nature, and one way or another I consider myself to be a branch of that Mind, like its offspring, or an extension of it. Its wisdom is matched by its knowledge, seeming to have some foresight to use symbols I may encounter in my waking life soon afterward. The nature of dreaming, it seems, is a kind of communication that goes on between myself and the Creator when all other sensory inputs are stilled and silenced.

The following are five questions that I enjoy asking the greater Mind behind the dream. My Christian worldview slants some of these questions toward biblical language; however, for those who are of differing opinions, I believe the language of the questions can be adjusted while maintaining much of the same meaning and experience.

1. Questions about historical figures. Once I asked a dream figure, “How did Samuel the Old Testament prophet hear the voice of God so clearly?” I received an interesting response after talking with a couple of characters. A few times I have even had the opportunity to encounter historical figures face to face.

2. Requests to see angels or those who have passed on. Once, upon my request to see an angel, a woman appeared and explained her role in my wife’s life from since she was a little girl. She was very kind and intelligent, and the whole conversation was incredibly fascinating. I also was able to call and eventually locate my cat that had passed away and give him one more hug and farewell. This helped give me closure to a sudden and unexpected loss.

3. Prayers to feel the power of the Holy Spirit or unconditional love. I went through a phase where dream after dream, various figures (some I recognized, others I didn’t) came and imparted this power which buzzed with intensity and lifted my mind into a place of total peace and fulfillment, a feeling which I could only interpret as a result of coming into contact with the life force behind all creation.

4. Request to experience being something else entirely. For example, ask to become a lion, or a bird, or a planet, or even a young child again. What does it feel like? Does your mindset change? Do you feel an entirely new nature? Do you sense a new beauty in the world, or understand life from a new paradigm? Although I have yet to experiment as much with this question, it is very much on my list of things to do. I have gone back into my childhood days multiple times and marveled at the detail and the feeling of being a child again.

5. A command that something change in waking life. For example, a command for healing to take place (physically or emotionally). Or a command to acquire or enhance a talent or gifting. It may very well be that you are rearranging your brain at the subconscious level or that you are dealing with things directly at the “quantum” level of consciousness and spirit.

I hope that these thoughts and experiences will spark the imagination of readers to embark on their own adventures. There truly are no limits in the world of dreams, and every new discovery by us oneironauts paves a pathway that others may follow and extend.

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March 2020

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