June 10, 2020: In the dream I became lucid in an unknown basement, where everyone had vanished. It seemed to take place at night. There were no windows, I was alone, and it was almost pitch black except for this dimly lit lightbulb...the old-school kind in the basement that has a pull chain...but for some reason it seemed to have extremely low power, like only the filament part was lit a little and was not even powerful enough to light the whole bulb. I thought "What the heck can I do with this scene?" I thought I would need some light first of all, then remembered from a few days ago that Robert Waggoner had written about "a ball of healing light", and I thought I might as well try that and kill two birds with one stone...gaining light and try healing myself too! 

I called out, "Dream Queen! Give me a ball of light, of healing energy!" A ball started to form, almost the size of a beach ball or at least a little bigger than a basketball. It started off as sort of dark matter collected from the surroundings which I could actually see...like a black hole sucking in its space environment, conveniently in the shape of a ball in my right hand, and as it grew it seemed to also take the bit of light and energy from that dimly lit bulb, causing a quick lightning-transference from the bulb to the energy ball. Cool!

Being 41 years old, I have a few ailments needing healing. I looked down at my toes first and worked my way up, thinking of what to heal. I got to my right knee that has been giving me pain for about 15 years, and decided on that. I called out "Give me all the energy I need to heal my knee!"...then held the ball of energy close to my knee and said, "Now I will heal my right knee" and placed it in my knee. There wasn't any glowing light or weird sensation like I read about; instead, the energy/dark matter with tiny light infused just seemed to transfer and become absorbed into my knee. I thought, "I hope that worked!"

Now, every day in my waking state I walk downstairs to the basement. Due to my knee, I don't even try to walk down straight...I have to angle sideways to reduce the pain, and even then it still hurts. It's been like this for years. Another important thing to mention is although I'm optimistic enough to try something like healing my knee, I'm also very careful not to "force results" or "see things that aren't there," to the point I could be called pessimistic, and upon waking I feared right away that it would not work. In fact, I avoided going down to the basement all day when I was asked to, making excuses, just to not have to deal with the disappointment of a failed lucid dream healing attempt. I think it was safe to say that there was no placebo effect here; in fact, even if it worked, I'd say my negativity could have erased any improvement!

Finally, around dinner time I was asked again to go to the basement, and having run out of excuses to use, I bit the bullet and approached the stairs. "Okay," I thought, "Here goes nothing!" I turned mostly sideways like I always do, and stepped down. Hmm, that's weird...not bad...not bad at all! I made it all the way to the bottom, with NO PAIN! Wowzers! Lucid dream healing may have actually worked! I didn't want to push my luck but I also wanted to see the extent of the healing, so I walked back upstairs...felt great...and then tried something I hadn't tried in years - walking down straight. I made it to the bottom with zero pain and felt like a kid again ...WOOHOO!!! I could not believe it, it had actually worked!

Each day went by and I approached the stairs carefully, and by day 4, still no pain! Alas it did not last though, as by day 5 there started to gain a hint of pain, and then after that it seemed to slowly revert back into its old hurtful self.

I had a couple of theories of how to improve the "healing power":

  1. In case the power came from that crappy dimly-lit bulb, next time get into a more brightly lit area...the more light the better...ultimate would be the sun. Then summon a ball of healing energy and give my knee a full dose!
  1. In case the power came from within my own "lucid power," try again in 6 months. I had only started to try lucid dreaming on Jan 8th, 2020 so was only 5 1/2 months into the practice...which would make me a lucidity weakling!
I plan to try again when I hit Year 1 of lucid dreaming, making sure to find the most lit location I can, fully stabilize myself, and make sure my lucidity is "topped up", then give it another go!

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September 2020

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