From my experience, engaging the awareness behind the dream with either personal or abstract all-embracing queries can be especially illuminating.

In this setting, my approach incorporated increasing difficulty of my open-ended questions posed to the awareness behind the dream. The corresponding dream reports are taken from my German-speaking blog on dreaming or translated from the recordings in my dream journal.

To begin with, I conquered my primary fear concerning the universe—the exploration of black holes and their destructive properties:

“In the Ocean of Light”

... Well, how high is the probability of hitting two top actors? It finally dawns on me ... I get up, performing the palm check. It is actually a dream! What a shame! He has been such engaging with his British manner; I sigh and look at my dream man in a tailor-made suit, waving him goodbye. But there is an important goal to be achieved. Hence, I announce in a focused and surprisingly completely anxiety-free manner, “Let me travel inside a black hole!” The following experience has become one of my most beautiful lucid dream experiences so far:

At first, I feel an outward pull, while the current dream scene fades to blackness within a few moments. Then I realize that I’m about to rotate at a very slow pace. Comet-like structures and other brightly glowing white matter are floating and hovering around me. I feel like I’m in a kaleidoscope, mesmerized at the play of light and dark ...While enjoying the breathtaking view, I also feel the great relief of apparently having arrived on the event horizon of a black hole without being torn apart, stretched or crushed. Expectations in lucid dreams are not always fulfilled I tell myself and finally wake up.

Understanding black holes isn’t attained with merely one lucid dream as illustrated in the subsequent dream excerpt:

“More Mysteries”

… Standing in a department store, I shout out, “Let me travel through a black hole!” Black streaks appear as if a black hole has partly formed around me. Then I witness a strange effect: A man in front of me is broken up into small, colorful particles which are gradually put back together again!

Who knows? There might be no information loss problem indeed, I jot down in my dream journal upon awakening. It’s always useful to carry out an experiment several times, changing the former wording.

One benefit of lucid dreaming comprises the possibility of addressing future issues and receiving immediate responses from the awareness behind the dream. Concerning the next lucid dream segment, I refrained from indulging myself in any future scenarios in waking reality before running my experiment:

“The Lamentation of the Universe”

Lucid, I reluctantly give voice to my thoughts, “Show me the planet we will colonize after Earth!” I look into the starless sky for a long time, but nothing shows up. The heaven keeps looking like a brownish gas cloud, drifting in all directions. In addition, I perceive a deep, piercing sound from above, as if something is turning with great effort and is about to tear ... a huge noise of a damaged clockwork, maybe? ...I wait for an eternity… Staring into the firmament, eagerly awaiting a miraculous planet to come to surface… to no avail. Is that all?! I awoke, heartbroken. However, the result wasn’t unreasonable, was it?

With hindsight, I realize I must have caught the symbolic cry or rather a complaint of the universe, expressing the absence of a future for humanity remote from our native planet, despite my hopeful yearning of “another fate.”

Who answered then? If my expectations weren’t met? How much do you actually know, awareness behind the dream? Can I trust you?

These might be the questions shooting through a lucid dreamer’s head, I suppose every time I stumble upon similar riddles.

Again and again lucid dreams leave behind a purifying effect. In this context, I think it is vital to brace oneself before asking any tough questions. Are you strong enough to cope with a possibly unpleasant outcome? Are you prepared to deal with an uncomfortable truth? It isn’t a bad thing to mull over similar topics before getting in touch with the awareness behind the dream.

The lucid dream scene described below assisted me in understanding one of the universal truths:

“The Destiny of Humankind”

Regarding a poster, I spontaneously exclaim, “Show me the destiny of humanity in the universe!” The stars on the poster begin to move ... rearrange themselves ... Zodiac signs awaken to colorful life…I suddenly realize that EVERYTHING is interconnected…

In this light, I encourage the reader to ask the following question while engaging the awareness behind the dream, What is MY role in the universe?

The answer might support you in becoming less egocentric! As mentioned earlier, pose this question whenever you feel ready in one of your lucid dreams.

To sum up, I encourage the reader to pursue lucid dream goals that ignite an almost unbearable curiosity within. Lucid dreaming could assist you in unique cross border thinking because you are directly a part of your experiments in contrast to daydreaming or thought experiments in the waking state. Through changing perspective you might not only gain enlightening insights through thinking outside the box but also come across innovative discoveries in your field of interest.


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June 2020

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