I believe in a collective conscious. The interconnection of all things and people. To me this is god, universal energy, or the source. This is what I'm engaging when I speak to the dream space. Partially my own deeper subconscious and personal knowing, but also the collective conscious of all things. There definitely seems to be something “other” responding in the dream. There have been times I think I know how the dream will answer and yet it answers in a completely different way, telling me it's not just the conscious me projecting answers. The answers are coming from either outside or deeper within. 

Twice I asked a dream character a question in hopes they would answer as the dream space. In one instance I received nonsense. In the other, it's still unclear. I did receive an insightful answer in a way, though I believe my question wasn't specific enough. The other times I shouted my question out into the abyss and I received responses in different ways: a couple of times through weird images in my mind's eye, sometimes other visuals, once a direct answer, and once through uncontrolled movements of my physical body. One time I simply asked to be taken somewhere and I was.

In these instances of engaging the dream space, I received a variety of responses. Sometimes a very clear answer, others rather vague, and occasionally no answer at all. Looking back on all the experiences I feel it's very important to have a clear and specific question in mind. Vague questions get vague answers. Open ended questions don't really get answered at all. My conclusion for myself going forth, would be to not waste time asking the dream characters questions, but to ask the question openly out to the dream space - and to be sure and have a very clear question in mind. For example, I think the next question I would like to ask is, “What can I do to be more open energetically?” or “What is blocking me from opening myself up to people?” or “How can I not be afraid to engage others in a social setting?” Obviously, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to word things. 

I first decided I wanted to try seeking answers from the dream space because I had been quite ill for some time without knowing why. The first time I phrased my question as, “Please show me what I need to see or tell me what I need to hear.” I waited. It seemed like nothing for the longest time, but then my vision was full of these floating cells, amoebas or bacteria. They had a reddish hue and were moving around slowly, weaving in and out of each other. Each cell had 3 parts. A thinnish outside membrane, the larger inside and then a black speck in the middle. I asked the dream space, “Is this bacteria? Do I have an infection? Are you trying to tell me I have a disease?” No answer. (It turned out I had Lyme disease, but I did not find this out yet. Though Lyme disease does not look at all like the thing I saw in my vision.)

Two more times I sought my dreams for answers with regard to my ailments at the time, but was never given a clear answer. Once I asked dream characters and they just acted bizarre. Another time I was shown odd black and white symbols or lines. I couldn't decipher them. Though in retrospect the weird squiggly lines I saw are more congruent with what Lyme disease does look like than the previous cells. I wouldn't say these dreams helped me to solve my illness, but they did help me be receptive when a friend suggested Lyme disease. 

This next time, I had no direct question. I was lying in bed in the mind awake / body asleep state, on the verge of astral projection. In my mind, I said to the dream space, “I would really like to go somewhere. To be in a different place, another world. Can you please take me somewhere?”

I focused on the body sensations I had already been feeling. Suddenly I felt something grab my ankles. It pulled me off the bed. At first I hovered in the air, then the force continued to pull me along by my ankles. I felt like I was being pulled down at an incredible speed. Air rushed past me as if on a roller coaster. I wondered how far down we could possibly go. I wondered where we were going. Then we turned upwards. The experience was exhilarating. My eyes had been closed the entire time and eventually I opened them.

I was in the night sky. Above me were thousands of stars. It was a dark night and wispy, thin clouds were draped across the little pin pricks. The clouds slowly moved through the air revealing new stars and covering others. I continued flying through the air out of my own control. The stars were beautiful, and the overlayed clouds somehow made it even more spectacular. I reveled in the experience. The constellation Orion, who I view as my guardian, appeared out from behind a patch of clouds. It began to lightly rain. I felt little wet droplets sprinkling my face. The rain was refreshing, cleansing. I continued to be pulled through the air in all directions. It was bliss. I told the being whom I felt was controlling me, “Thank you. This is so beautiful and amazing.” I guess I wanted to keep my bearings though, so I thought about my body back in bed. How it was there and I had been brought here. Hoping to maintain lucidity and not fall victim to a dream. But thinking about my body sent me to it and I awoke out of the experience. I was disappointed, but happy none the less.

Later, I was involved in a relationship I wasn't happy in. I asked a dream character for advice, but only received a vague answer. The next time I found myself lucid in a dream, I asked the dream space for advice; to show me what was going on within the relationship. All of a sudden I rose into the air and started spinning, arms outstretched. It was as if my feet were planted in one spot and my upper body was leaning way out creating a circle, so that my movements were like a funnel, with the point being my feet. I was spinning rather quickly and it felt cool rather than scary. At the same time though, it seemed like the message had something to do with things spinning out of control. I asked the universe/dream space what I could do to fix the problem. I then was made to stop spinning. Very slowly, I began moving in the opposite direction. And if you still imagine the funnel affect, this time the funnel was much more narrow. My upper body creating a tighter circle. I wondered what all that meant. I took the spinning in the opposite direction to mean something about whatever we were doing, to do the opposite. But slow and deliberate. 

Then the spinning stopped completely and I hovered in the air. While still in the dream I reflected on the experience, but before long the dream took over and I lost lucidity. 

This last time I had a very clear question and was surprisingly given a clear answer. I was lucidly floating in the air when I remembered the question I wanted to ask. I shouted out to the universe, “Please show me what I need to see. Tell me what I need to know.” Nothing. I asked, “Please tell me what I should be doing with my life. How can I be a better person? Be more productive? How can I do my part to serve the universe better?” 

I heard a voice loud in my head respond, “It's not all about that. You should do what makes you happy. Have fun.”

Moment Johnson is an author at www.losttruthpress.com "Children's Books for the Whole Family"

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June 2020

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