If we are to grow and develop, dealing with our fears is inevitable. As part of my work, I established the goal of overcoming my fears and encountered an incredible energy capable of opening up experiences that changed the way I used to perceive life. An experience I unexpectedly opened up is The Cosmos, a space of knowledge and expanded consciousness. An example of such experience is depicted in the following lucid dream:

Lucid in the substrate, I heard a voice: “You are about to sleep deeply now...” I realized I could shift my consciousness by falling backward, the feeling was like exiting from my crown. For the first time, the Cosmos was in front of me, I had billions of stars to explore. Lucidity was sharp and I expanded and merged with the sky, I became part of the universe itself. I launched into space at the speed of light. Space-time was not a limitation and within a few seconds, I crossed galaxies, stars, and planets of many shapes and colors. I felt the energy of the Cosmos and intense bliss. As I traveled back I found myself floating in the dark, and in front of me, I saw a magnificent blue planet spinning in the serenity of space. I had a minute of contemplation and my consciousness shifted back into a lucid dream. (27 April 2020)

Experiences as such and many other unexpected lucid dreams happened while I was dealing with fears. This article is an extension of Shadow Integration - The Toltec Way, and here I explore advanced practices to release the energy of our fears. I also show my own example of transmutation of fear into love. To help others to unlock their own experiences, I give a few instructions for the practice. Note that one may start it without a deep understanding of her or his fears. The goal is to identify, accept, feel, and ultimately integrate blocked energies.

The Advanced Practice

Before proceeding, complete the primary shadow work presented in my previous article1. Also refer to that article for an explanation on how to use masks, which is a necessary instruction. The advanced practice is split into sessions using masks as a way to dissociate one’s personality. Do it at least 30 minutes per day for as many days as necessary. Mine lasted a month. Try not to lose a day, otherwise, you may need to restart. Every day before sleeping, use masks to tell your story to a mirror by following the steps:

I - Facing Our Fears

Write down a list of fears you want to work with. Capitalize and name it as a way to loosen its energy. As an example, I wrote Fear of Rejection and Fear of Failure. Spend time telling the mirror experiences of your past that are linked to these fears. Write down your conclusions and be honest with yourself. Identify behaviors, actions, situations, and face your fears by accepting them with love and compassion.

II - Letting Go of Future

To be fearless, we have to let go of uncertainties and live the present moment. Write down Fear of Uncertainty and a list of fears related to your future. Tell the mirror what concerns you and look into any possible addictions, they may be a sign of anxiety. Describe your future plans and let go of what is a projection of your fears.

III - Acknowledging Goals and Desires

As we break the ties with our fears, we manifest. At this point, it is important to pick the right goals. Using the masks, tell the mirror what you desire and why. Remember you want to be fearless and unlock your potential, so be aware of wishes that are the fruit of your fears and set an intention to manifest towards love and compassion.

In your dreams:

The nights you feel ready, invite the fears into your dreams and try falling asleep focusing on the energy center located below your navel. Pay attention to dreams related to what you told the mirror. Fearful dreams are a good sign. In my case, I had two sorts of recurrent fearful dreams named The Hidden Mistake and Taming the Burglar. The former was a dream of anxiety in which I tried to hide mistakes. The latter was a dream with burglars in which I pretended to be like them in order to flee the situation. Taking more responsibility and letting go of the future were my learnings.

Beyond Fears:

The most remarkable experiences were lucid dreams of teachings and advice. Most of these dreams took place in The Cosmos (described in the introduction). In the following lucid dream, I received instructions from a higher awareness. It manifested after falling asleep focusing on my crown:

... Lucid in The Cosmos, I was a point of consciousness in the dark. I heard a voice: “Imagine empty space and create a white star within this space. Focus on the star!” I followed the instructions and my consciousness left for a denser environment. I had a sensation of spinning and then I was floating in my bedroom. When I landed on the floor, my body was denser and heavier than most of my lucid dreams. A force was pulling me back but I managed to cross through a wall. I felt vibration and a denser material while crossing that wall. My body heated up and I woke up. (09 July 2020)

Fear of Death - Transmutation of Anger into Love

Fearing our mortality brings greed, anger, and accumulation. Beliefs may not allow the acceptance of death and prevent the spread of love and compassion. It is an individual choice to go further and break any beliefs, but I encourage you to look into your fear of death and face your mortality for the benefit of all.

To work with the fear of death, dreams are a safer environment. I had a sequence of dreams named The Killing Machine nightmares. I often found myself at a construction site filled with gigantic machines made out of steel. I usually tried to escape but the machines always chased me and threatened my life. I had encountered my fear of death. Going through a fear within a lucid dream and dissolving it with my awareness was my task. So, I set the intention to enter the recurring Killing Machine nightmare lucidly and embrace the fear.

... A gigantic steel-made machine with grabbing arms chased me and triggered my awareness. Already lucid, I recognized the illusion of that fear, and out of anger I grabbed the machine's arm and pulled it to the ground, falling the machine apart. With the power of my intention, I destroyed it into smaller pieces... The pieces had only the size of a car when I used my mind again to make it even smaller. I saw lots of steel and disassembled mechanical parts on the ground. A single and tiny piece the size of my hand still carried awareness and ran away. It seemed the machine now was fearing me… (26 July 2020)

Lots of energy was released in this lucid dream. However, upon awakening, I realized I acted out of anger and spent unnecessary energy destroying that fear. Subsequent dreams manifested with smaller machines but the nightmares did not stop. I wasn’t satisfied and I tried to enter the nightmare again to transmute anger into love.

... I realized the danger and feared death, a Killing Machine was right above my head. The strong emotion triggered lucidity and I stared at the fear to realize its emptiness. Within a second, the machine froze and I had dissolved fear of death. I recalled the previous nightmare and how anger was not beneficial. Instead, I focused on my heart and projected love towards the fear. Surprisingly, the machine transformed into a tame elephant that I felt love for. To increase the feeling, I projected love to the entire dream which was a messy construction site. The dream became pink, flowers appeared on the ground, and people celebrating came to me. Happiness and enjoyment took over the dream... (27 August 2020)

When I chose love over fear, the nightmares disappeared. If we realize the emptiness of a fear and decide to be kind, we effortlessly transmute the fear with the love that emanates from our hearts.


Much of our potential lies beyond our fears. We looked into techniques to unlock this potential and unleash the energy of our fears. Vivid and joyful dreams of fantasy, healing, inner child, expanded consciousness, oneness, other realities, and in special, teachings from higher awareness may arise. Upon awakening from a night of practice, the practitioner may also sense vibrations below the navel similar to what is called Kundalini energy (I called the phenomena as Chi Body in my previous article). If allowed, the energy may climb up and trigger inner visions together with vibrations in the entire body. This is the strongest evidence of your efforts, enjoy your new life of wisdom, peace, and joy.

1 “Shadow Integration - The Toltec Way” - published in the Lucid Dreaming Experience Vol 9 No 1 Summer 2020

This article was released in issue from

December 2020

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