Similar to the production of a motion picture wherein an assemblage of casting, script, sound, lighting, costume, makeup and technical, etc. professionals is required, the production of a Lucid Dream requires the full attention of its producer—you! You would not, for example, construct as a backdrop for a modern comedy, some grim, medieval stage set. Nor, would you cast actors having no familiarity with the nuances of their character or of having not read the script. Everything, from the character’s dialect to makeup to facial expressions, must be authentic! 

As producer as well as all the characters and scenery within the intimate space of your dreams, you are learning to skillfully instill your dream production with features that suit your unique desires and tastes. There are thoughts within thoughts, realms within realms. Because of the Law of Attraction, you constantly draw from your dream world those realities most closely mirroring your primary beliefs and values. Therefore, stay mindful of your thoughts and emotions as well as objects and events presented in your Lucid Dream, for their next stop may be your waking reality!

In my own Lucid Dream, I couldn’t help but believe it was showing me belonging to some advanced parallel species while simultaneously being human: 

Awakening from what had seemed like a sound sleep, everything seemed so real! Initially believing I was still myself in my own female body, seconds later I realized I was somehow both a woman and man; an androgynous being having short jet black hair and translucent, even glowing skin. Dressed in black, leotard-like attire, my eyes were bright crystal blue. Realizing I was living aboard a spaceship, I marveled at the very modern décor and technology.

Approaching the extremely-advanced medical center on board, this parallel me, this androgynous self, was scheduled for some kind of eye surgery. All the while, this being had an awareness of my female counterpart living on earth. Coincidentally, this was a period in my earth life when I was scheduled to have a cancerous growth removed from above my right eye. 

While having a great fondness for my earthly counterpart, this advanced version of me apparently regarded my human form as somewhat primitive. Preparing my androgynous self psychologically for surgery, I had complete faith in these very competent doctors. I heard one of the spaceship doctors say, This surgery will also help the parallel you that is living on the earth with her eye problem. Awakening naked from that dream, I found the nightgown I’d previously donned, folded neatly, teetering on the outside of the bed. Indeed, I had no memory of ever removing my nightgown. Nor would I have folded it and placed it in such a precarious position.

When, later on, my waking-reality surgery transpired without any complications, I wondered if the calming words, intentions and actions taking place in that outer-space realm had something to do with the positive outcome here on earth. That my androgynous self believed my female counterpart on earth to be a somewhat primitive seemed to confirm a widely-accepted concept in metaphysical circles—that only in fairly evolutionarily-primitive civilizations is there sexual dimorphism. It is also clear from the dream that I simultaneously understood the mindsets and physical nature of both the outer-space version and earthly me. 

In yet another UFO Lucid Dream, I abruptly awoke into what appeared to be another time and place. Sensing my husband, John, in the room, I could not arouse him. Gazing from the window at the starry sky, there traveled a dark disk across the face of the moon. Dashing into the night; staring at the heavens, nary a trace of the vessel could now be seen! Longing for its return, I solemnly walked back to the dwelling.

Then, dreaming of sitting beneath a radio tower soaring high into the clouds; sensing the varying frequencies, I was aware that the radio wave transmissions were extensions of my own consciousness! The message therein was the following: The Quantum Flux Spectrum is similar to a band of radio channels encompassing both the limiting vibration anger and fear channels to the expansive vibration loving-kindness channels. Which channel do you want amplified and integrated into your life? Lifting the ‘veil’ of Psychological Reality Framework One; allowing for a greater sense of oneself, one can awaken to consciousness’s limitless, expansive concepts of itself.

Around that same time, I dreamt the following: sticky from the residue of some protracted sleep, my third eye felt as if it had been tightly shut for a very long time. Feeling it slowly open, I knew this event would allow for increased conscious processing of information in the alternate, nonlinear realms; those vibration ranges beyond waking consciousness holding information normally unavailable to the waking mind. Drifting into another half-sleep; amazed at my full-radius ability to perceive far beyond my immediate surroundings, my third eye was now fully open. Emerging from my brow-point, a wiry stalk with blooming lotus at its tip, curled round and round, reaching into infinity. 

Another Lucid Dream showed, resting from her day in the most inhospitable of glens and crags, the Welsh mother goddess, Danu cradling a wee fairy babe in the palm of her hand. Nearby, like no earthen flora, was the Mythical Tree; dew-kissed, crimson and white bellflowers bowing its laden branches. My eyes straying from this fair sight for but an instant, I realized, with great wonder, that as the child grew, so too would the tree’s magnificent blooms! Heaving in the wind, the tree; with thick roots clutched deep into the rough-hewn rock, then stood steady. One by one, its blossoms drifted across the steep, craggy cliffs; down to the magical waters, where pink lotus blossoms bobbed upon the whitecaps as far as the eye could see!

Now, we children somehow knew that wherever the flowers scattered, there would be great caches of gold. 

Dare I make that daunting leap? I pondered, while watching the crimson petals drift farther and farther on the wind. It was then I saw the older boys, seemingly without a care, dive off the cliff; disappearing into the azure waves and then bobbing to the surface.

Lured by the promise of riches and the unknown, I gathered all courage I knew to be mine. Curiosity peaked, I stood poised on that great precipice. Fearing my bones would surely shatter upon impact, I nevertheless took a deep breath and leapt into the waters that lay far below. My body slamming the waves, it drifted down into the dark, cold depths of the sea. Gasping for air, I finally surfaced; swimming safely to shore.

From: The Healing Power of Dreams ©2020 Hope Bradford CHt. (Kindle Book) (Paperback)


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June 2020

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