I rescued Soltan, a beautiful white Turkish Angora feline, 15 years ago when he was just a few months old. What was first an effort to rehome him turned out to be a permanent adoption. He grew on me and became my little sidekick. Today I view him as my child, a part of my family. 

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After an operation for extracting a bad tooth for Soltan last Nov 2019, his recovery went south and he got seriously ill. After a lot of vomiting and diarrhea on the day of his recovery, he eventually ended up lying in a corner of the bedroom with his face pushed against the wall. He was completely unresponsive to any calls or petting and looked like he was in a lot of pain. I rushed him to the vet who decided to hospitalize him for a couple of days with a fluid drip. 

After two days, Soltan was still not eating in the clinic. When things were not going well, the vet asked me to take him home and see if being in the home environment would help improve his appetite. It was agonizing seeing how he lost 500 grams of weight in a matter of three days and was constantly in tremendous pain despite all the medication given to him. I was devastated by his suffering especially since the vet was all out of options. The vet was clear that this was not a normal scenario post tooth extraction. It was the worst-case scenario he had ever seen. He said that I should be prepared for the possibility that Soltan may not survive. All out of options, I decided as a last resort to use the one skill I’ve relied on my whole life. Seeking the help of the world of dreams.

For the next few days, before falling asleep, I focused all my intention and willpower on incubating a healing dream for my beloved cat.

These are the dreams I experienced as a response to my daily dream seeding:

In the first dream, I was sitting on a chair close to my bed watching over Soltan as he was sleeping. Suddenly something nudged my right arm and I looked towards my right to find a big black panther that just walked into the room. Seeing a panther enter my bedroom was the cue I needed to realize I was dreaming. The panther rubbed its face against my arm in a very friendly way which eased my fears of such a powerful creature. It then walked up to Soltan. He stared at my cat for a while then sniffed him, opened his mouth and breathed air at him. I could see light particles transfer from his breath to my cat. The panther then left. 

The next morning while Soltan and I were cuddling in bed, I started chanting mantras while placing one hand on him and visualizing healing light filling his body. While doing that, I slipped into another dream. In it, I was still in bed with Soltan and the same black panther from the previous night walked in, jumped into bed and laid down next to us. Recalling this character from the previous night’s dream helped me realize that I was dreaming. The panther just sat there doing nothing. I felt no need to speak or interact with it. I started feeling energy buzzing in my body along with an immense sense of relief and safety. I woke up knowing that I was being supported by my inner world for the healing of my cat.

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The night after that I dreamt again that I was in bed and Soltan was next to me. I turned my head toward the window and through it a majestic lion jumped into the room. What are the chances of that happening on the 9th floor of a building? Realizing this could not be happening in waking life I become lucid in the dream. The lion felt both regal and magical. He kind of reminded me of Aslan from Narnia. I instinctively knew this was not an enemy in the dream. He approached Soltan and started licking him all over from head to tail. They even bumped and rubbed heads with each other as if they knew one another. The lion looked at me and nodded then went away.

These dreams almost felt like we were being visited by healing feline ancestors as a reaction to my incubation. 

Two days later, Soltan was still not showing any signs of improvement in waking life. He was eating very little and not being responsive. The only thing that changed was he started to sleep next to me in bed like he used to. 

I kept my intention strong for a healing dream. The following night I dreamt that I arrived at an airport. When I reached the immigration counter I got a stamp on my passport that said 'Residency to the State of Mercy'. I was told I am very lucky to get one as it is not given to everybody.

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I walked around a very futuristic looking city. Though it had high technology and flying cars it was also very green with lots of trees and vegetation. I remembered I was holding some papers in my hands. I eventually arrive at my destination, a courthouse.

I entered the courthouse and went to a counter and handed the papers over to a man sitting behind it. He stares at the papers and said, "This is a petition for prolonging the life of Soltan the cat." As soon as the clerk said that, it prompted me into lucidity as I realized I couldn’t be petitioning for my cat’s life in a court house in waking life. The man looked into a futuristic looking computer with a transparent glass display kind of similar to the one Ironman used in the movie, The Avengers.

The man spoke as he looked at the monitor, "Hmmm...such petitions can only be accepted by the Grand Judge." I asked him, "Who's that?" The man lowered his glasses and looked at me as if I asked a very dumb question and I then said, "Oh you mean like God??"

He replied with "FYI – According to our system, Soltan is scheduled to die in the next 3 days, let's hope that this petition is accepted”.

I walked out of the courtroom crushed by this terrible news. I knew I had done the best I could so far in both waking life and in the dream world. Suddenly I started to feel a sense of peace and calm descend over me even after hearing the news. I started to feel acceptance of Soltan’s fate whichever way it was to go. I rested in the knowledge that I had done everything I possibly could to help him.

I walked around the city not knowing how long it would take for a judgment to be passed. I noticed that the people were extremely kind, not prejudiced at all that I am an outsider or a sort of immigrant into their city. One man offered me free soft drinks and a hot dog from the kiosk in the middle of an open square. He gave those to me for free, saying that I seemed upset and he hoped that things would turn out ok for me. I thought to myself, ‘What a lovely place and lovely people.’ 

After what felt like an hour or two an announcement boomed out of the loud speakers around the city. "THE PETITION FOR SOLTAN HAS BEEN ACCEPTED! I REPEAT, THE PETITION FOR SOLTAN HAS BEEN ACCEPTED!"

People started cheering and patting me on the back and congratulating me. Fireworks were shot in the sky and I could see balloons floating up in the air. I felt such intense gratitude and happiness for the acceptance of my petition that I begin to cry. The feelings carried on with me when I woke up.

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Awake, I looked next to me and Soltan was not in bed. I rush around the house looking for him to eventually find him in the kitchen. He just finished eating his bowl of food! Something he had not done in 7-8 days! His face was also looking brighter and more vibrant!

At this point I was jumping for joy! ☺ 

From that day onwards Soltan recovered very quickly. He’s back to normal now meowing loudly to get his food on time and pushing me out of my side of the bed because it became his new favorite sleeping place.

This incident has boosted my faith in the power of dreams especially for healing and affecting the physical world. I believe the dreams were instrumental in the recovery of this little one.

This last dream was also very crucial in bringing me to a place of humility. I understood that I do not have control over my environment 100%. There will always be factors completely out of my control. While I knew this intellectually, it was good to have that realization dawn on me. Having said that, I knew I had the ability to petition and ask the inner world and the deeper awareness to influence an outcome in the physical world.

However, after doing my best I learned I must surrender and respect the larger will of life for whatever outcome that comes to pass. In this case, Soltan has recovered. He could have easily passed away. All I know is that I am extremely grateful that we have more time to spend together while alive.

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September 2020

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